Camembert Cheese Making


A few months ago, I got to go and learn how to make camembert cheese from my good friends at Home Make It.  They are literally the one stop shop and learning centre for all things preserving, and this class was no exception.  Armed, with a notebook, and camera, I not only got to learn, but to record what went on.  The wonderful art of cheese making opened my eyes to a whole new world of more and more food items to add to our list of what we can make ourselves.  And if you think it’s super dooper hard and you need heaps of fancy shmancy equipment you are wrong!  The Home Make It store sell amazing kits to get you going at great affordable prices, and with a bit of a rummage in your kitchen cupboards you just need a few pots and your done.

The Home Make It Team and I decided to put together a little post aptly titled “Learn & Make”  It shows the joys of learning something new, then heading home with your knew found skills and knowledge and having a go yourself.

So whilst my camembert cheese is still maturing in the fridge below are images of both the course and at home, and yes a video!


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HOME MAKE IT & 13 Acres present learn & Make from brenda on Vimeo.

If you are keen to embark on your own preserving or cheese making session, take advantage of 13% off all orders made at Home Make It – using the code 13 Acres


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  1. What did you think of your homemade Camembert? Was it oozy and creamy and delicious? I reckon I’d probably end up with a block of that shite stuff they sell at the supermarket… 🙂

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